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partner to precision livestock

Our solution is designed to evaluate the performance of veterinary inputs by measuring their effects on animal health and performance. We provide a clear pathway that spans from the development of these inputs to their commercialization.

assinatura de microbiota

Know the fingerprint of your veterinary product

A technological platform for product development and commercialization

By combining biotechnology with artificial intelligence, we have developed a unique technological package that enables us to determine the biological biomarkers of each product. This powerful combination allows you to gain the trust of your customers by providing reliable, data-driven scientific methodologies.

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A complete analysis of the product's effect on the performance, health, well-being and sustainability of production systems presented intuitively

Performance ração veterinária

Demonstration of product performance

Pecuaria de precisao

Scientific validation of the results obtained

Relacionamento com fazendo

Improved customer relationship and trust

Pecuaria de precisao

Data driven product portfolio recommendation

Venda suplemento animal

Increase in sales and competitiveness

Analise produto veterinario

Secure you market positioning

From product development...

microbiota amostra frangos
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We design customized field tests capable of providing the microbiota signature of each product, and mapping its effect on animal health and performance.


Backed by a proprietary veterinary database with over 2M taxonomic references and custom bioinformatics tools, we performed the analysis with AI

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We highlight the most notable effects, trends or major changes in the zootechnical performance of animals as a direct result of product application. market


Understand how to promote your inputs more effectively to make customized recommendations for your client


Give your sales team the best tools to demonstrate product efficiency and increase sales

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Producers from all over Brazil use the solution to understand the needs of their animals. Your products could be just what they need! Demonstrate product effects with YLive and gain customer preference

venda de produtos veterinários

In just 3 steps your company can carry out precision livestock:

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Discover the biological signature of the product


Ativo 52_1x.png

Map performance gains in animals


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Make personalized recommendation to customers


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