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Sustainability and
efficiency in the same technological package

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Our solution is being configured in an unprecedented way to assess the carbon footprint of animal production systems

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Pegada de carbono



A quick and efficient solution to measure the carbon footprint of farms

ESG  is much more than initials, it is responsibility for the future

We combine biotechnology and artificial intelligence  to quantify the greenhouse gases (GHG) emission from livestock. With our platform you will take the necessary measures to neutralize the production of gases and produce zero carbon animal protein.  

The first digital tool to assess the environmental impact of animal production systems and estimate the production of GHGs in the herd

Pecuaria sustentavel

Solutions for producers and industries

ESG para animais

Data-driven and custom analytics

Metano bovino

Assessment of the farm's carbon footprint

Pecuaria sustentavel

Sustainable animal production and carbon neutral

Carne carbono neutro

Scientific validation of the results obtained

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Choice of veterinary products that reduce emissions

Carne carbono zero

You are just a few steps away from making animal production more sustainable

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Find out the precise amount of GHGs   produced by the herds to choose the most suitable measures for neutralization


Use  supplements and management plans  that help mitigate methane emissions and gain efficiency in production


Produce carbon neutral animal protein , meeting the environmental demands set by the climate conference COP26.  Contribute to a sustainable society. Apply to receive a pilot test on your unit. 

You can change your farm's carbon footprint in just 3 steps

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Perform an analysis of your farm with YLive

ESG YLive pegada de carbono



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